Family Intervention Services

Engagement, Plan development, Plan implementation and transition – defines our family intervention services.

Family intervention services aims to assist families who are at risk of having a child or children removed because of a variety of complex issues such as inability to cope with behaviours; difficulty maintaining safety; and significant emotional dysregulation

Our goal is to: Family intervention services also has the potential to support children transitioning back to living with their birth parents or into kinship care, as well as support kinship placements and build capacity for families to remain involved in their child’s care.

Our family intervention program is guided by some of the following principles:

Family Voice: The families’ vision for how they would like things to be is always considered. Options are provided to families to allow them to decide what will work best for them.

Collaboration: Team members work collaboratively, and parents/family members are involved as partners in the intervention process.

Strength Based: The intervention process identifies, builds, and utilizes family strengths to guide the team and help the family to meet and achieve their needs & goals.

Outcome Based: The outcomes are determined by the family. Goals and strategies are tied to outcomes to ensure that interventions have a lasting impact and create positive and lasting differences in the lives of children and their families.