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How We Do It

Elements considered critical to the provision of quality residential child care include:

  • Structure, predictability and routine
  • A focus on relationships and attachment
  • A focus on promoting children’s development
  • A focus on strengths-based interventions and promoting competence
  • Individual, flexible and responsive programming that is needs based, and tailored to the specific needs of children and families serves:
  • A focus on the use of activities – social, recreational, therapeutic – to promote change
  • The involvement of families in the program
  • The provision of aftercare supports and services (Modlin, 2010)

All of these program elements align with our organizational values and philosophy and have been incorporated into the daily care we provide to children and youth.

Some of the specific, integrated approaches we use in our work with young people include:

  • Neurosequential model of therapeutics (NMT)
  • Activity programming
  • Sensory diets
  • Strengths-based interventions
  • Therapeutic use of daily life events
  • Community involvement
  • Family engagement
  • Academic supports/home schooling
  • Cultural sensitivity

For more information about how we work, please email info@keyassetsnl.ca or call (709) 579-1624.