Martin James Foundation

Working to create a world where children grow up in safe, secure & loving families, not orphanages. #FamilyBasedFutures

TheĀ Martin James Foundation (MJF) is a global network of organizations working in alternative care for children.

MJF envisions a world in which children do not live in institutions or orphanages, where they have help and support to deal with the consequences of trauma, and where every child can grow up and thrive in a safe and secure loving home.

Decades of research show the lifelong harm institutions and orphanages cause to children, and family-based care has far better outcomes for children.

To reduce the number of children placed in institutions and orphanages, MJF promotes and delivers family-based care through their Key Assets affiliates in Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand, supports foster carers through their affiliate FosterTalk based in the UK, and works together with global partners and communities to offer the support they need so they can deliver family-based services in their own contexts.

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