Key Foundations Program©

Key Foundations is the Key Assets NL newest model of care focused on providing youth with enriching experiences so that growth occurs through organic day-to-day improvements allowing for an external locus of control to become an internal locus of control through this organic process. The model is informed by an understanding of the impact of trauma, abuse, neglect, and the impact of adverse experiences on individuals, families, and communities. This program is adaptable to all levels of need and types of interventions and programs. The model is strengths-based and places emphasis on what the youth can do and what skills and strategies they need to develop. It is based on the four conditions of culture, relationships, experiences, and environment are embedded within all aspects of the model and the care provided. Emphasis is placed on whole person health, improved self-direction, executive functioning, and positive adaptations, daily life and every interaction present an opportunity for growth and is functionally based so that daily life skills are enhanced, and developmental milestones are met.