Our Approach

Our name reflects our belief that children and young people are valuable and precious!

An asset is something of value. We take care of assets and we invest in them in order to have future benefit and impact. We recognize that in order for children and young people to do well in life that there are key developmental assets that need to be nurtured and invested in. Areas such as education, emotional well-being, cultural identity, belonging and health require our time and investment. We want our young people to be resilient.

Our name key assets reflects the role that individuals and teams make in nurturing and caring for young people. We would say that our staff, our carers and the families of children and young people are also key assets in supporting them to reach their full potential. The Key Assets identity represents a journey of many paths, continually growing and changing and focused on achieving positive and lasting outcomes for children, families and communities.

Our logo mirrors our purpose characterized by a structured geometric pattern that repeats and strengthens each time a new piece is added. Each colour and piece represent the diversity of our service offering across the continuum of care as well as the contribution everyone makes.

The formulaic pattern develops into a “heart shape” reinforcing the message that the lives of the people we serve are at the very “heart” of what we do and why we exist.

The gap in the heart structure reminds us that no matter how far we have come that Key Assets is always committed to finding the solution to complete the shape.