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About Core Assets

Key Assets Newfoundland & Labrador is part of the Core Assets Group of companies; a worldwide network of services for children and families within the social care sector, including fostering agencies.

Core Assets was established in 1994 by social worker Jim Cockburn and foster carer Jan Rees. Their unique vision was to provide quality care in a family setting through a high level of intensive training delivered to the carer and holistic support services for both the child and carer.

This approach has been extremely benificial in helping to deliver a lasting difference to children and young people for nearly two decades across four continents.

International social care services

Although we were founded in fostering, we’ve become so much more. We also provide an international portfolio of social care services for children and families that allows us to have a positive impact on a wider scale.

We’re committed to making a positive and lasting difference for children and families and this vision that we’re dedicated to providing globally.

Global care with Core Assets

We have organizations with offices in Europe, South East Asia, Australasia and North America.

Visit the websites of our sister companies to find out more (please note the links below will open in a new window):