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Family-Based Care

Key Assets has entered into a partnership with the Department of Child, Youth and Family Services to provide Family-Based Care to young people with complex needs who would benefit from a specialized, individualized family-based placement. In this pilot project, each child will be provided with an intensive family-based service underpinned by a child-centered and needs-led model of wraparound supports.

At Key Assets we ensure that all of our interactions and interventions with the young people are grounded in current and emerging evidence-based practices (or promising practices) in the field of child and youth care, foster care and related fields. In order to deliver a truly therapeutic environment for the young people in a family environment, acomprehensive, multi-faceted approach is required.

In Family-based Care, our goal is to provide a model of care that enables young people to safely and successfully settle into a stable family environment, as well as preventing children who have experienced multiple placement breakdowns from experiencing another placement failure.  We will provide an enhanced multi-disciplinary support package of intervention. The support will be therapeutically led and include a range of social work, education, child and youth care and practical support as appropriate.

We recognize there will be a broad range of presenting issues so our model is designed to offer flexibility, with access to a range of evidence-based, specialist interventions that can be drawn upon depending on the young person’s assessed needs. The program will be delivered through a wraparound approach, bringing together support and interventions from our multi-disciplinary team and access to community resources, to ensure the young person and care provider are appropriately supported throughout the placement, thus increasing the likelihood of improved outcomes for the young person.

Short-term (emergency) and long-term placements will be provided.

Supports provided to the carer(s) will include:

  • A generous financial package
  • 24 hour on-call support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Weekly visits and regular telephone contact from the Program Supervisor.
  • Regular support group meetings and information sessions with other family-based care providers to share experiences and knowledge.
  • Child and Youth Care Workers to provide supports as needed to the care provider and the child in the home and/or community.
  • Organized activities for young people and families.
  • An Education Coordinator to assist in liaising with schools and promoting the child’s educational needs.